Eva Hemmungs Wirtén


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(2015) Making Marie Curie: Intellectual Property and Celebrity Culture in an Age of Information. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press) 

(2011) Cosmopolitan Copyright: Law and Language in the Translation Zone (Uppsala University) 

Cover (pdf)             Full Book (pdf)

(2008) Terms Of Use: Negotiating the Jungle of the Intellectual Commons (Toronto: University of Toronto Press)   

David Bollier's review from the On the Commons Website    

Philip Doty's review from Libraries & the Cultural Record 45 (3) 2010    

Sara Bannerman's review from Global Media Journal 2 (1) 2009

(2004) No Trespassing: Authorship, Intellectual Property Rights and the Boundaries of Globalization (Toronto, University of Toronto Press)

Chapter Two. "Inventing F. David. Author(ing) Translation" (pdf) 

Chapter Three. "The Death of the Author and the Killing of Books. Assault by Machine" (pdf)

and Notes to both chapters (pdf) 

(1998) Global Infatuation. Explorations in Transnational Publishing and Texts. The Case of Harlequin Enterprises and Sweden. (Diss.)  

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